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The Dupeak Sino-Swiss Ski Race aims to provides to amateurs of alpine skiing to enjoy the feeling of ski racing. You don’t need to be a pro of ski, but with a good basis (mastering the red slopes for example), you can enjoy the atmosphere of competition,  have fun and be proud of rising a personal challenge.

Date: The ski race will take place on Saturday, the 23rd March, in Titlis (Engelberg). For more information about the program please download the pdf.



The ski race

Ski race is a giant slalom (wiki). You can have a preview of the slope in the following video. There are two groups of racers: male and female. Each group will have 3 winners.












Requirements of participation

Resident in Switzerland
16 year-oldAbove
Subscription accepted and fully paid in advance

Athlete must come on time and fully prepared (helmet is required).



The warm-up is important to minimize the risk of injury. Therefore one hour before the race starting time, Our partner of Engelberg ski school will lead the ski racers to warm up and practice on the slope.




For the details of transportation to Titlis, please visit the website. There are lots of parking possibilities around Titlis. The parking place of TITLIS valley station is just next the Chalet, where you will pick up the ski pass tickets.

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